HOMIVERSE : Ultimate Cross-Chain Mobile Metaverse

Our Process



Welcome to the exciting world of HOMINIDS, where we invite users to explore a whole new digital world. Our "Explore" process is designed to offer an immersive experience within our cross-chain mobile metaverse, HOMIVERSE. Users can explore virtual landscapes, interact with other participants and discover unique experiences across different blockchains. By offering a user-friendly, interactive environment, we invite users to immerse themselves in a constantly evolving world, paving the way for infinite possibilities.



At HOMINIDS, we believe in the power of individual creativity. Our "Create" process highlights our commitment to providing a platform where users can create, collect and exchange unique NFTs. In our cross-chain NFT marketplace and launchpad, Era-Homi, artists and creators can bring their digital works to life, put them up for sale and reach a global audience. With user-friendly tools and innovative features, we offer creators the opportunity to thrive and share their vision with the world.



The "Prosper" process symbolizes our commitment to cultivating a thriving ecosystem. We have created the eHOMI token, an exchange coin that powers our metaverse and marketplace. With this token, holders can enjoy exclusive benefits, participate in governance and invest in promising opportunities. We have designed staking and governance mechanisms to encourage active participation and collaboration. By balancing innovation, growth and value, we aspire to see our users, our creators and our ecosystem as a whole prosper.

Our Partners

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Our Technology

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At Hominids, we understand the importance of interoperability in the fragmented blockchain landscape. To offer users unprecedented flexibility and freedom, we prioritize cross-chain compatibility, enabling the seamless transfer of digital assets across different blockchains. With a multi-chain approach that spans networks such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BNB), ZetaChain, Bitcoin Ordinal (BRC-20), Venom Network, Polygon, and other EVM-based networks, users can enjoy unparalleled access to a diverse range of assets.

Mobile Metaverse

HomiVerse is an innovative and expansive mobile metaverse developed by Hominids, powered by the cutting-edge Unreal Engine 5 and integrated with blockchain technology. This immersive virtual world offers users a multifaceted experience, including social networking, multiplayer gaming, business opportunities, online shopping, and more.


Marketplace and Launchpad

Era-Homi is a groundbreaking multi-chain NFT marketplace developed by Hominids, designed to empower creators, collectors, and enthusiasts in the world of Non-Fungible Tokens. Era-Homi serves as a global platform that facilitates the creation, buying, selling, and trading of unique digital assets across multiple blockchain networks.



HOMINIDS is a revolutionary project in the field of blockchain and decentralized finance. Our vision is to create an innovative and accessible mobile metaverse ecosystem, offering an immersive experience and economic opportunities for users.

Our mission is to create an innovative mobile universe that combines blockchain technology, NFT features and immersive experiences to provide a social and fun platform for our users. We aim to revolutionize the way users interact with metavers by offering a unique mobile experience.

Our vision is to become the leading mobile metaverse, offering a comprehensive and immersive platform where users can explore, create, interact and trade using unique digital assets. We aim to create a dynamic virtual environment where creativity, innovation and community thrive.